A March for Conformity


Last Saturday, over a million people took part in the Women’s March in cities around the country and the world on a stated mission to protect women’s rights, safety, health, and families.  Social media was filled with posts celebrating the diversity and unity of the event and how this was the beginning of a major movement to hold our new president accountable.  The mainstream media predictably fawned over the event as a CBS headline read “this is what democracy looks like,” and The Atlantic dubbed the march as “the inauguration of the resistance.”

There were certainly many people that marched or supported the march that did so entirely for the noble reasons of standing in solidarity with others against things like violence towards women, which is commendable.  But make no mistake, though the event purported to stand for certain worthwhile causes, it was primarily a platform for anti-Trump hysteria, leftism, and of course, abortion, which is the ultimate sacred cow for those on the political left.

It was no coincidence that the march took place the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as President, thus a lot of the rhetoric was focused on his past statements about women but much of it devolved into crazed rants like Ashley Judd comparing Trump to Hitler and then screeching about her periods and having to pay taxes on tampons.  Madonna then took it up a notch by talking about “blowing up the White House” in an expletive-laced diatribe which caught the attention of the Secret Service.  Which then prompted her to tweet “F*ck the Secret Service,” which she deleted shortly thereafter.

The Women’s March and its supporters proclaimed their celebration of inclusivity and diversity, while making clear that women who think you shouldn’t kill unborn children were not welcome.  A pro-life group called “New Wave Feminists” was disinvited and removed from its list of partners after demands they be removed for not bowing at the abortion altar.  The group is vehemently anti-Trump and left-of-center politically, but to satisfy Women’s March and its organizers, you must satisfy all three prongs and be pro-abortion as well.  Salon politics writer Amanda Marcotte condemned the New Wave Feminists by tweeting that “forcing birth” is a “misogynist act.”  Feminist writer Jessica Valenti added that she was “horrified” that Women’s March had partnered with a pro-life group.  Women’s March immediately corrected the error of partnering with a pro-life organization and reaffirmed their commitment to abortion.

One of the Women’s March policy writers, Janet Mock declared that they “stand in solidarity with sex workers’ rights movements.”  That’s right, the Women’s March leaders support women selling their bodies but shun those who want to protect innocent life.  The feminist movement has moved past “safe, legal, and rare,” and now many say they are “proud” of their abortions with those like Lena Dunham saying that though she has not had an abortion, she “wish[ed] she had.”  Along with anti-Trump rhetoric, the most common theme among speakers and attendees was abortion.  It is the one non-negotiable tenet of this movement.  To the modern feminist, abortion is no longer framed as a somber medical decision between a woman and her doctor, it is a celebration of death (with hearts).


Without a hint of irony, the Women’s March message supports a singular view of “feminism” and no dissent or disagreement will be tolerated.  Conform or get out.  There is no interest in inclusivity or diversity of thought, only in pumping up the volume in their echo chamber of anti-Trump screed, leftism, and abortion rights.  If you don’t believe Trump is the Antichrist, that government must pay for birth control, and that the right to kill unborn children be unfettered, you were not welcome.  You may have snuck in and written a nice Facebook post about it, but you were not welcome.

Women’s March can stand and advocate for any mission it so chooses, but the narrative that it is a “big tent” that simply wants to protect human rights is dishonest.  Its mission statement incredibly declares that “defending the most marginalized among us is defending us all” – unless you are not born yet, in which case they not only won’t defend you – they will support your death.  The Women’s March was not about the empowerment of women but the advancement of an agenda which abhors Trump, embraces socialism, and celebrates abortion.  While there may have been marchers and supporters that are pro-life and reject socialist policies, they were an extreme minority surrounded by thousands of women with vaginas on their heads holding signs that said otherwise.

The same media that lauded the Women’s March for its success in bringing together hundreds of thousands to support women’s rights will, predictably, minimize and dismiss the hundreds of thousands that will come together this Saturday to march for the life of unborn children.  Not one woman at the Women’s March has less legal rights than any man, unlike unborn children who do not even have a right to life itself.  Stand up and march for rights?  Sure, but let’s start with those that don’t currently have any.


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