Zack Pruitt is the founder and general editor of Political Beacon.  He holds a J.D. from Saint Louis University where he specialized in international law, and a B.A. in history from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.  He managed a Missouri Senate campaign in 2008 and has remained actively involved in local and national politics.



The concept of Political Beacon emerged during the Senate campaign in ’08 while speaking with many people who expressed an interest in politics and getting involved but were slightly intimidated by the learning curve of all the various issues, pending legislation, and political jargon.  The idea is a website that could serve as a non-biased source (or “beacon” if you will) for those who want to understand a current issue and what opposing sides of the political spectrum believe about that issue.  The hope is that the reader would then be able to make up his/her own mind about where they stand on a political issue or current event.

Political Beacon will also contain editorials, which by definition can and will have a bias.  The intent is for the editorials to enlighten on a particular issue from a historical or common sense perspective, not from a hyper-partisan political viewpoint.  The goal of Political Beacon is to serve as a source or reference on all things political for both novices and experienced politicos.

If you would like to book Zack Pruitt for a media appearance or event, please email politicalbeacon@gmail.com