The Nothingmatters Election



Barring a significant upset, America will choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. The next “leader of the free world” will be someone whom nearly sixty percent of Americans think is dishonest and untrustworthy and most commonly associate with the word “liar,” or someone who has the highest unfavorable rating in the history of Gallup’s polling and whom most people associate with the word “arrogant.” #Nothingmatters has been one of the more appropriate social media summations of the 2016 elections as a plurality of Democrat and Republican voters have ignored the morally bankrupt nature of their respective frontrunners. For Democrats, blind party loyalty has superseded values and principles, while Republicans have abandoned any vestige of conservatism in the name of anger, frustration, and unbound populism. When it comes to the Clinton and Trump candidacies, truly nothing matters other than the collective vanity of the candidates and their voters, running headlong toward their flavor of authoritarianism.

Her high word association rate of “liar” has been well-earned as Clinton may be the most ethically challenged presidential candidate in history. Leave aside the nearly-10,000%-profit she made trading cattle futures or lying about Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation accepting money from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, Clinton set up a private email server in her house once she knew she would be confirmed as Secretary and then later destroyed 30,000+ emails once she was accused of wrongdoing and the public found out. None of this seems to matter to many Democrats, who, during the campaign, have barely mentioned the fact the she is currently under an active FBI investigation. Despite all the scandals, a tenure as Secretary of State where she accomplished little to nothing, and an unremarkable Senate career described as “shallow” by the Huffington Post, rank-and-file Democrats have fallen in line and cast their lot behind her as their leader.

On the other side, Donald Trump may be just as ethically challenged as Clinton while continually displaying a stunning lack of policy knowledge. At least in Clinton’s case, one could argue that there are ostensible reasons for Democrats to support her despite her lack of a moral compass. Specifically, she would continue the enlargement of government, increase entitlements, appoint liberal judges, ensure Planned Parenthood continues to get government funding, etc. However, in Trump’s case, there are no valid policy reasons to support him as his candidacy is entirely based on populist platitudes, meaningless rhetoric, and self-aggrandizing propaganda. Also, it is important to note that Donald Trump’s entire career is about making more of Donald Trump, thus, it is a legitimate concern that he would take this mindset into the White House and use his newfound authority to destroy whomever and whatever he wants if it serves his purposes. President Obama has made a mockery of the Constitution with his abuse of executive power, but considering Trump’s history, he could be Obama-on-steroids with regard to executive action. When it comes to Trump supporters, truly, nothing matters.

For Clinton supporters, morality, ethics, and values take a backseat to Party loyalty and ideology, while Trump supporters just want to wreck the entire system, regardless of any and all casualties, including the Constitution and the rule of law. This is not an effort to promote their respective primary opponents, only to acknowledge the reality that, so far, a plurality of primary voters are on the verge of giving America a presidential choice of the two most unlikeable and unethical politicians in history.

The only explanation for the looming “Sophie’s Choice” in November is that we have reached a societal tipping point where nothing matters… at least when it comes to morals and virtue. God help us.

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  1. Kathy says:

    we are damned if we do and damed if we don’t. So I guess it really doesn’t matter does it?
    God help us all…..

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